Carbery 1100R Oil Tank


We can Supply & fit new tanks anywhere in Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow and Leinster.

We stock the full range of Carberry tanks from 650 ltrs to 6000 ltrs and we can also supply made to order one off bespoke steel tanks if required.
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Carbery 1100R Single Skin Tank

The Carbery 1100R single skin tank holds 1100 litres. It measures 1750 mm in length, 1260 mm in height and 670 mm in width. Lockable, oil tank fill / inspection point, with a 2 inch diameter fuel tank vent lock.

This tank has a 5 years warranty.

Tank Specifications

Length: 1,750 mm

Width: 670mm

Height: 1260mm

Base Length: 2350mm

Base Width: 1270mm

Inlet Diameter: 121mm

Actual Capacity: 1174 Litres

Material: MDPE Medium Density Polyethylene



Is Your Oil Tank Leaking or Cracked ?

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